Where to Stay in Javea

javeaYou may well have considered spending time in Javea, this popular coastal Spanish town is a cultural paradise with people from all over Europe and even further afield settling in it. The amazing coastline offers a lot of appeal to those who love beaches but the town is beautiful and has some stunning buildings you can stay in whether you are looking for something short term or a bit longer term. The chances are that you want to stay in relative luxury while you’re away but there are options.

Buying a Villa in Javea is a great option, there are some truly stunning places, one of the offerings currently on the market is a 3 bed villa with a load of space and even a swimming pool, and the prices are pretty reasonable when compared to some other countries or parts of Spain. You can findĀ more javea villas for sale here. Where better to stay than your own villa in a beautiful surrounding?

Other options for the shorter term involve rentals, this can be apartments or villas, and they are offered sometimes on longer term rentals and sometimes shorter, so there is something to suit your needs whether it is business or pleasure.

Hotels are the old fashioned way of staying in a new town and though they can be luxurious the prices can quickly add up too and it is not the most affordable way to do it, especially in the long term if you want an extended stay.

There are numerous options and the world of technology means you can look before you visit and there is a wealth of choice at your fingertips, it is just a case of finding what is best for you.